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WASD CDWWTP Chlorination Facilities

Replacement of the existing chlorine gas storage and dosing facility with new liquid sodium hypochloritestorage, transfer, and dosing systems comprised of a “centralized” bulk storage, transfer and dosing facility and two satellite facilities. BND prepared Detailed Design, Permitting, and and provided Bidding Services

Comprised of:

  • Structures to receive bulk quantity deliveries of sodium hypochlorite

  • Structures to contain one centralized storage facility and enclose three day tank satellite facilities

  • New sodium hypochlorite metering equipment

  • New sodium hypochlorite transfer pumping equipment

  • Containment and clean-up systems

  • Sodium hypochlorite solution piping

  • New air conditioned electrical and transfer pump building

  • Protection of critical systems against sea level rise and storm surge

  • Ventilation, plumbing and fire protection systems

  • Gas monitoring system

  • Instrumentation and controls (I&C)

  • Structures to enclose the centralized storage facility

  • Mechanical equipment including roll-up doors, manway doors, windows, ventilation equipment,

  • Electrical equipment including conduits and conductors for powering of miscellaneous motors for fansand doors, lights, and other associated equipment.

  • I&C equipment associated with the enclosed structure.

  • Fire protection equipment.


BND was responsible for all Civil Design Work

  The Project Scope of Work Includes:

  • Analysis of Existing Condition Plans

  • Construction Site Plans

  • Demolition Plans

  • Site Plans, Paving

  • Grading and Drainage

  • Yard Piping

  • Standard Details

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