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MDWASD - 54 Inch Sewer Force Main

Design, Permitting  and Construction Management Services for the 54-Inch Sanitary Sewer Force Main across the southeast side of Opa-Locka Airport and MDWASD Pump Station Number 1310 connection and Improvements.

Comprised of:

The Project consists of the engineering design including the preparation of BODR Reports, pipeline installation/construction, as well as startup services and all related activities to construct approximately 8,300 linear feet of 54-inch Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) sewer force main along the south side of Opa-Locka Airport and connection to Pump Station Number 1310.


The Project Scope of Work Includes:


  • Pipeline/Sewer Force Main and Pump Station improvements Engineering Design

  • Basis of Design Report (BODR)

  • Route/Corridor Analysis

  • Utility Coordination and Relocations

  •  Maintenance of Traffic MOT

  • Regulatory and Environmental Permitting

  • Agency/Stakeholders Coordination including MDWASD, MDAD, PWD and RER (DERM)

  • Construction Management including Post Design Services


  Relevant Services Performed 

  • Project Management

  • Pipeline Designs

  • Pump Station Design/Improvements

  • Sewer Master Planning

  • Liaison with Stakeholders/ Environmental/Regulatory Agencies

  • Construction Cost Estimation

  • Permitting

  • Construction Documents including Technical Specifications

  • Construction Management and Post Design Services


  Design Issues Solved

  • Unstable Soil Conditions

  • High Water Table (See Construction Photos Below)

  • Airport Airside.  Minimize Impacts to Operations

  • Minimize Traffic Impacts


  Projects Accmplishments

  • Innovative Design Techniques and Construction Phasing Solutions were provided to address the environmental/physical conditions and Airport and Traffic Constraints. 

  • Fast Track to divert sewer flows to MDWASD Pump Stations.

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