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MDT - North Corridor Metrorail

BND was retained by Parson Transportation Group/Miami-Dade County Transit to provide engineering design services for the Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation, as well as signalization design services for the proposed North Corridor Metrorail Extension along NW 27th Avenue from south of NW 79th Street to NW 215th Street. The proposed corridor for the project is made up of commercial and residential developments along both sides of the roadway. The proposed guideway extends from the existing spur along NW 27th Avenue just south of NW 79th Street along the middle of the roadway up to north of NW 84th Street, then along the west side of NW 27th Avenue up to NW 131st street and then along the east side of NW 27th Avenue for the remainder of the project. 

Comprised of:

Providing roadway improvements in areas that are impacted by the new Metrorail guideway and stations. Roadway improvements include, new horizontal alignments, roadway reconstruction, milling and resurfacing. Improvements along the project corridor also include addressing ADA issues, project constructability, Traffic Control (minimizing the impact to the motoring public, adjacent neighborhoods and Business), as well as the addition of new sidewalks and signals.    


  The Project Scope of Work Includes:


  • New horizontal alignments

  • Roadway Reconstruction

  • Milling and Resurfacing

  • New Sidewalks and Signals

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